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Dog Dewormers


Roundworms are usually active in the intestines of small puppies. One way of telling if a puppy has roundworms is if the puppy has a pot-belly and is growing poorly. Worms can be spotted in the stool or vomit. Major infestations can cause intestinal blockage which eventually leads to death.

Roundworms can grow 7 inches in length. Female roundworms can produce 200,000 eggs in a day. Eggs which are protected in a hard shell can remain in the soil for years. Dogs can be infected by ingesting the worm eggs from the soil. The eggs would hatch in the intestine and then taken to the lungs via bloodstream. Worms then crawl up the windpipe from their, making the dogs cough or gag. When they swallow the roundworms they return to the intestine where they live their adult life.

Roundworm eggs/larvae can remain in the body tissue of a female dog (bitch) and only activate during the last stages of pregnancy. Even if the bitch is dewormed, the worms can still be passed along to the puppies.

Worm Protector
Worm Protector
is effective at removing large roundworms.